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Join the communications team in 2022-2023! 

Rolling deadline 

Social Media Team

Do you spend way to much time on Instagram? Are you up to date on all the new trends and the way that the algorithm is changing? Are you the creative spark in all your group project? This role might be for you! The communications team is looking for an enthusiastic student interested in managing our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn with the content creation team . This includes creating feed posts, stories, reels etc. and always being "in the know" of how the algorithm is changing. Help to keep UvA student informed on everything Green Office and sustainability and apply now!

Video Content Creator

If you want to contribute to the Green Office by bringing your expertise as a video content creator, which combines technical, marketing, and artistic abilities. You can apply to be a member of the Video Content Creating team. You will be telling stories through film, producing marketing videos that will be published on our social media platforms, used in campaigns, and used to promote the Green Office brand.

Webpage Editor

Do you have experience maintaining Wix sites? If so this might be the role for you. You will be in charge of the design and the updates of our website making sure that all relevant information is readily available to everyone visiting our platform.  You will make sure that the blog articles created by our team appear on time and in an aesthetically pleasing form.

Podcast Manager

Do you spend a little too much time listening to podcasts? You might have even tried your hand at creating your own. If so, Podcast Manager is exactly the role for you. You will be collaborating with the Research and Education team to bring monthly podcasts to our followers. 

Newsletter Editor

Our internal and external newsletters are cardinal tools in fulfilling our mission of engaging in thought-provoking conversations without community. As an editor, you will produce monthly newsletters to our internal team updating everyone about progress in all teams as well as creating external newsletters to our followers to keep them up to date about the projects and events we are engaged in. 

Publication Editor

In this role, you will work together with our Research and Education team to bring the best version of our Green Guide series to our community. You will also be in charge of producing are Semi-Annual report.

We intend to fill all our vacancies by the end of October however applications are open until all positions are filled.

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