Friends of the Green Office

The UvA Green Office utilizes the rootAbility model which assists students working at green offices around Europe. Sustainability projects are mobilized with the help of rootAbility. Check out their website for more information on the Green Office model. 

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CIRCL is a hotspot for everything circular. "The Circl pavilion is built entirely based on circular principles using recycled and reusable materials. It’s a living lab where we experiment with innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the future, an accessible platform, designed to facilitate unexpected encounters."

To increase awareness for sustainability, Students for Sustainability Amsterdam (SFSA) works on projects ranging from the termly GreenDocs film & discussion evenings, to sustainable workshops and other events.

The Unicef Student Team from Amsterdam has been cooperating with the UvA Green Office since January 2019. Sustainability and human welfare are intervened.

As a diverse professional organisation, Net Impact Amsterdam is comprised of members that seek to use their professional skills to drive positive environmental and social change, and to influence others to do the same.


The CSDS is a research platform for PhD students. Together we try to bring more attention to sustainable studies. 

Soil of Amsterdam is a restaurant introduced to you by our Green Guide. We partnered up with Soil to make it easier for students to get access to healthy, organic and tasty food. Show your student ID and get 15% off your order!


Morgen is the Netherlands student network that is committed to creating and fostering a sustainable future. This nationwide student-run organization stimulates students to choose for a sustainable lifestyle, education and career.

NL Cares helps connect people from various backgrounds. ‘Amsterdammers’ who need an extra hand are connected with volunteers who can give this hand via our flexible volunteer work platform. Because of this flexibility the activities suit the busy student agenda.

The Green Office is constantly looking for new partnerships. 

Interested? Contact us.

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