The Green Office is looking for enthusiastic new members:

Take on one of the projects below and join the team as a Project Manager.

We will contact you within 5-7 working days.

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3-5 hours/week to commit to the project? Apply via the mail symbol.

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In a personal interview, we will assess whether it's a fit.

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Research & Education team

Career Day


The plan: Introducing students

to green employers on a green Career Fair. Want to take this project on? Apply now!

Faculty Network


Connect all faculties concerned with issues of sustainability and help form a university-wide green network.

Green Research

Interested in conducting a sustainability-related research project? Contact us with your idea and we will support you.

Communications team

Public Relations


Help us spread the word about the Green Office. Connect with UvA publications, attend events and never stop talking about what we do!

Team Building


Create change by connecting our members: Be in charge of organizing team building activities and events for the entire Green Office team.

Graphic Design


Graphic Design is your passion? Join our team and take over the creative role of event promotion and poster production.

Community team

Green Festival


A festival with fair food, a house-plant exchange, workshops and of course - music! Sounds like something you would like to be in charge of? We've got you!

Shared Cup System


Love books, coffee and green? Help to make single coffee cups at the Singel library a thing of the past. Be in charge of introducing a shared ceramic cup system. 

Gardening Project


The UvA partners with a beautiful community garden: Anna's Tuin en Ruigte. Apply now and be in charge of hosting regular gardening expeditions!

Campus team

Hitchhike Event


Help us  organize our Green Office hitchhiking competition and show that you don't need a big carbon footprint to have a great travel adventure! 

Thriftshop tour


Love second-hand stores? Help us organize a thriftshop tour with a full day of fun, thrifted clothes, and a promotion of the reuse of products.

Waste Events


To promote the reduction and separation of waste, we are organizeing a waste event featuring workshops and speakers on the 7th of May. 

Join us!

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