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The first round of project applications runs from 10am September 21st until 10am Monday 5th October. If you can't apply for these projects during that time, come back throughout the year to see which fresh new projects we add to this page.
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Research & Education team 

Green Talks



Green Talks is our name for guest lectures and talks. As a member, you will have the opportunity to invite speakers who work in the field of sustainability and environmentalism. Previous examples have included discussions with PhD researchers and instagram influencers! We want to include a wide array of different voices, and welcome your suggestions! Members can either work independently or in teams, but please bear in mind that the emphasis lies with member proactivity in organising these events. The Research & Education leader will help with the formalities and logistics - the rest is up to you!

Documentary Screenings

We welcome Members to organise documentary screenings about sustainability that they believe will be interesting for the wider UvA community. We want to use our platform to create space for a diverse spectrum of voices within the climate movement, and welcome your suggestions and input. This can range from well-known documentaries like those found on mainstream sites like Netflix, to smaller independent film-makers and collaborations with film festivals. This is a great opportunity for those interested in working in the intersection of the cultural sector and sustainable development!

Green Research



We are interested in supporting students’ individual research projects in the field of sustainability. In many cases, these projects are mainly online research, based on scientific findings rather than our own scientific studies. In most cases, extensive research requires a summary so that interested people can read it. For example, research projects in 2019/20 included finding a sustainable supplier of caps for the UvA merchandise store. There will also be the opportunity to have research projects published within our upcoming "Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research Community""platform. This is a wonderful opportunity for those considering a career in research!

Green Workshops


Workshops are a great way to teach people DIY solutions to issues of sustainability. Topics can range from making your own, more sustainable alternatives to products, to learning how to fix things yourself that might otherwise be thrown away. If you have a fun new idea for a workshop, or a skill you would like to share, please send us an application with your plan!

Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research Community

We are creating a new research community. We envision a platform where research projects can be shared and discussed, allowing students of professionals working in the field of sustainability to learn from academics from different disciplines, and provide the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration. We envisage this community to be accessible to people at all stages of their academic career, giving younger students the opportunity to learn more about the field of sustainability and network with other members of the UvA community. We are looking for ambitious and committed Members who are interested in the systemic, ‘big-picture’ challenges of sustainability and education to help work on this influential project!

Coffee Cups


For a long time, we have been involved in trying to convince the university to reduce their waste by eliminating the use of disposable coffee cups. Unfortunately, not much has happened so far and coffee cups remain a big source within the university’s waste stream. Even though many of them are “compostable”, they just end up in the bin. While we achieved the implementation of a discount for bringing your own cup at locations like CREA, the university’s main catering company CIRFOOD hasn’t been interested so far. We are working towards making it the “norm” to use your own cup, and are looking for members to help with this important initiative! Apply now!

Communications team

Video Content Creator


Are you skilled in editing vlogs or vids and want to channel your skills towards the good cause of sustainability? The Green Office wants YOU! Help us expand our IGTV audience by editing interviews, workshops and vlog-style videos on sustainability. 

Team Building


Create change by connecting our members: Be in charge of organizing team building activities and events for the entire Green Office team.

Public Relations Manager


We need someone on board to help us spread the word of the Green Office! We put in a lot of effort to improve sustainability at the UvA but often it goes unnoticed by staff and students. If you have skills in communication and public relations and have ideas on how to improve the exposure and reputation of our organisation, then this role is for you! 

Graphic Design


Is Graphic Design your passion? Join our team and take over the creative role of event promotion and poster production.

Newsletter Manager


Every month, hundreds of UvA students and staff receive the Green Office newsletter. We are looking for someone to join our communications team with the personal role of updating this important audience with news of the month gone by!

Community team

Green Career Day 2.0


 The Green Career Day provides an alternative to the conventional career days by paying special focus to sustainability related initiatives and organizations across all domains. Specifically, we want to provide the space for a diverse audience to consider the growing sector of organizations both in Amsterdam and beyond it. We are looking for members who are interested in organising the event, and input suggestions for different organisations. The Green Career Day is scheduled to take place in Semester 2. There are various tasks to be performed in this extensive project: The collaboration with companies and acquisition of speakers, advertising the event or the moderation on the day itself, just to name a few. Interested? Come and join the team!



Have you ever gone for a run and got annoyed by all the garbage lying on the side of the road? With this project you can actively tackle this problem. Have you ever heard of the trend "plogging"? It combines walking or jogging with the collection of garbage. This way, ploggers not only do something good for their health, but also for the environment. Your task is to organize a regular plogging event - i.e. to divide the participants into groups if necessary, to find out possible routes and to provide the necessary equipment.

Project Dandelion


Do you agree that the topic of sustainability should be addressed more in UvA's teaching and be a central theme in education? Inspired by Emory University in the United States, we initiated Project Dandelion. In the past academic year, an initial proposal for integrating environmental issues in the classrooms was formulated. Your task is to revise the first proposal, discuss with involved faculty and students about implementation possibilities and finally to create a proposal, which will be presented to the UvA. Apply now!

Community Gardening


The UvA partners with a beautiful community garden: Anna's Tuin en Ruigte. The UvA Green Office wants to support the initiative with regular gardening expeditions on Sundays - in gumboots and working clothes. The UvA Green Office invites voluntary gardeners for a hot chocolate afterwards. Do you want to be in charge of the organization and communication? This means managing the dialogue with Anna's Tuin en Ruigte, advertising the events, and taking the hat of the head gardener from time to time. We look forward to reading your application!

Campus team

Policy Project


Achieving change on a bigger scale starts small. As part of the policy project you can get an insight into what it takes to challenge ideas in large organizations like the UvA. By taking initiative you can propose sustainable policies concerning flying as a student or as an employee. Last year, the Green Commitment was created to help student bodies on their way to becoming more sustainable. As a member, you can help us evaluate its effectiveness and get more bodies to join!  Your own ideas for possible policy proposals are also welcome!

Waste Project


For lovers of ‘reduce, refuse, reuse, recycle, rot’, the waste project is the best fit! Some of  yours tasks will include organizing regular trash pickings around campus (even in the canals surrounding the buildings!), pen and e-waste recycling ongoing projects, and The Green Office has also set up a renting system for reusables which also has to be managed by the waste team. We are also constantly looking out for solutions for single use coffee cups! Of course, members of the team are always welcome to come up with their own ideas concerning waste, if you see something around campus that you think we could improve, we are happy to listen!