Campus Team Lead

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Hybrid online and in-person

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UvA Green Office

Type of Job

Part Time

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About the job

The Campus team is all about working on student-led projects, whether it be small or big, as well as keeping an eye on other large initiatives started by the university, and finding ways to incorporate sustainability every step of the way.
Some of the projects that the campus leader oversees include:

- The coffee cups initiative, aiming to get rid of all single-use cups on campus
- Guiding and encouraging students who are executing their own projects around campus. This may involve looking for contacts at university or within the Green Office, giving constructive feedback, overseeing deadlines, securing budget, keeping many projects together under the Campus team
- Discussing policies and recommendations with university employees
- Writing proposals to stakeholders who are able to influence policy around university
- Connecting with other core team members, Green Office members, study associations, movements, councils to find areas that can be improved in terms of sustainability
- Keeping in touch with study associations and student organizations through the Green Commitment, facilitating their sustainable transitions

We are looking for someone who is passionate about making big green change on campus wherever possible, and who is willing to fight for it!


  • Great English skills. Any level of Dutch is an added bonus.

  • Dedication. Sometimes influencing policies and reaching certain people is harder than it seems at first, so the Campus team leader must be dedicated to find room for improvement

  • Good communication skills. The Campus team leader must be able to communicate and serve as point of reference for members as well as for stakeholders

  • Leadership and organization: The campus team leader must be able to keep the team together, even when members are at different points in their projects, and even when some projects need more help and resources than others. The team leader must also be able to keep track of the progress and goals of each project.

  • Sharp analytical skills. You will have to understand the structure of the University and assess what the most effective leverage points are to enact sustainable change.

  • You must be prepared to dedicate 10-15 hours a week to the Green Office including a weekly core team meeting, bi-weekly meetings with your own team, and self-directed work.

  • You must commit to at least one full academic year in this role.


  • Around €300 monthly compensation

  • Use of the Singel and J/K building Green Office space for work and study

  • UvA Bestuurstaaf privileges (employee card, coffee, etc.)

About us

The UvA Green Office is a student-run platform striving to make the University of Amsterdam a greener place. Our office consists of four different teams. Each team, which consists of one team leader and 5-10 voluntary members, has its own focus and addresses a different aspect of sustainability within the University of Amsterdam. One general manager oversees the four teams and constitutes the link to the central UvA staff and partners. At the moment, the Green Office consists of 50 members.


Singel 425, 1012 WP Amsterdam, Netherlands