Communications Team Lead

Job Location

Hybrid online and in-person

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UvA Green Office

Type of Job

Part Time

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About the job

The communications team are all about spreading the word of the work of the Green Office and making sure people know our name!
The communications lead will manage the following projects:

- Updating and developing the UvA Green Office website (including assisting the Research and Education lead about the UvA G.O. Knowledge Hub website)
- Green Office Blog
- Social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok) and keeping stats on these
- Internal (our team) newsletter, bi-monthly
- External (our subscribers) newsletters, monthly
- UvA Green Office podcast (collaborating with Research and Education team)
- General communication of Green Office work, working with leads and members to create communication strategies like posting plans, hype campaigns, roll-outs and general posts on website/social media
- General communication with the central UvA communications staff
- Leading the communications team (made up of student members), including interviewing and selecting members and holding bi-weekly meetings
- Creating the Semi-Annual reports once a semester
- The “Green Guide” (Amsterdam sustainable food guide)

We’re looking for someone who is committed to quality, attention to detail and style, and who can maintain a high communications standard within the Green Office to make sure we look like a sleek, professional organisation.


  • Great English skills. Any level of Dutch is an added bonus.

  • Visual communication skills. We need someone with an eye for design who can maintain our comms standards by making sure everything we put out looks good! This includes the know-how to run photoshoots, curate images, create designs on canva, and vet other people’s designs. We expect you to have confidence in balancing colours, fonts, and images for various design specs.

  • Digital literacy. a high level of computer skills is not a prerequisite, but you will have to learn to work with Canva and Wix (website host).

  • Communications knowledge: You don’t have to study or work in communications professionally, but we need someone who can design strategies for communication and be confident in copywriting, editing, and with very high-level English skills.

  • Strong personal communication skills: You will be working in close collaboration with the core team and your members, plus various members of the whole Green Office since the communications portfolio will be relevant to every project office-wide.

  • Creativity. For both visual work and conceptual work, we need someone who can think outside the box to keep our comms fresh and funky. Must be able to adapt to an in-person or online communications strategy at the drop of a hat!

  • Leadership skills. You will lead a team of approximately 10 people and must be able to organise and support the communications team throughout the year.

  • Organisation. You will plan and execute the year’s communications budget and strategy, and so need strong organisation and time management skills.

  • Keen to have fun! While we work hard, we also really value building a strong student community which means group dinners, parties and social events sometimes.

  • Sharp analytical skills. You will have to understand the structure of the University and assess what the most effective leverage points are to enact sustainable change.

  • You must be prepared to dedicate 10-15 hours a week to the Green Office including a weekly core team meeting, bi-weekly meetings with your own team, and self-directed work.

  • You must commit to at least one full academic year in this role.


  • Around €300 monthly compensation

  • Use of the Singel and J/K building Green Office space for work and study

  • UvA Bestuurstaaf privileges (employee card, coffee, etc.)

About us

The UvA Green Office is a student-run platform striving to make the University of Amsterdam a greener place. Our office consists of four different teams. Each team, which consists of one team leader and 5-10 voluntary members, has its own focus and addresses a different aspect of sustainability within the University of Amsterdam. One general manager oversees the four teams and constitutes the link to the central UvA staff and partners. At the moment, the Green Office consists of 50 members.


Singel 425, 1012 WP Amsterdam, Netherlands