Community Team Lead

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Hybrid online and in-person

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UvA Green Office

Type of Job

Part Time

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About the job

The community team works on establishing and maintaining a strong community of like-minded students, whether it be within the Green Office, between the Green Office and other students and student initiatives, or between current and former members of the UvA Green Office.
Some of the main projects the community lead oversees are:

- Organising team-building events, within the community team but also for all UvA Green Office members
- Continuing the ‘Alumni portrait’ project, in which a former UvA student who is pursuing a sustainable career is interviewed
- Updating and developing the UvA Green Office LinkedIn account
- Organising and hosting the annual Green Career Day (this includes: speaker acquisition, location scouting, schedule planning, collaborating with the communications team for promo, taking care of technicalities for live-streaming, etc)
- Working on other student-led projects, such as the “Green Fashion Guide”
- Leading the community team (made up of student members). This includes interviewing and selecting members and holding bi-weekly meetings
- Lobbying for sustainable development and giving policy recommendations to UvA, collaborating with student councils and organizations

We’re looking for someone who has the positivity and energy to bring people together and unite different groups in the name of sustainability.


  • Great English skills. Any level of Dutch is an added bonus.

  • Good communication skills, as you will be working in close collaboration with students and staff from across the University, as well as with external agents.

  • Leadership and organisational skills, as you will lead the community team and must be able to organise and support members and their projects throughout the year. Further, you will plan the annual community team budget and strategy.

  • Time management skills, as you will work very autonomous and thus have to plan and schedule your meetings and spread your workload in an efficient manner

  • Have fun! As you will aim to build a strong community, making sure the members have a good time at the Green Office is essential.

  • Sharp analytical skills. You will have to understand the structure of the University and assess what the most effective leverage points are to enact sustainable change.

  • You must be prepared to dedicate 10-15 hours a week to the Green Office including a weekly core team meeting, bi-weekly meetings with your own team, and self-directed work.

  • You must commit to at least one full academic year in this role.


  • Around €300 monthly compensation

  • Use of the Singel and J/K building Green Office space for work and study

  • UvA Bestuurstaaf privileges (employee card, coffee, etc.)

About us

The UvA Green Office is a student-run platform striving to make the University of Amsterdam a greener place. Our office consists of four different teams. Each team, which consists of one team leader and 5-10 voluntary members, has its own focus and addresses a different aspect of sustainability within the University of Amsterdam. One general manager oversees the four teams and constitutes the link to the central UvA staff and partners. At the moment, the Green Office consists of 50 members.


Singel 425, 1012 WP Amsterdam, Netherlands