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Job Location

Hybrid online and in-person

Published By

UvA Green Office

Type of Job

Part Time

Application Deadline

Published Date

About the job

The UvA Green Office is looking for two new co-managers. As a general co-manager, you work closely together with the other co-manager on leading and co-ordinating the entire UvA Green Office for the academic year. The two of you take the lead in helping the other four core team members make a plan and start various projects at the beginning of the year, and provide the budget know-how and general oversight required to bring the projects to fruition. Throughout the year, the Managers’ weekly tasks involve: overseeing the Core Team and their projects, drafting short and long term plans, keeping the Green Office in line with its overall vision, managing the budget, and keeping in touch with the Green Office supervisor. The managers also connect with other student-led organisations at the UvA (and beyond) to collaborate and achieve bigger impact.


  • You have great communication skills, you can easily connect with team members, other students and also staff from all across the UvA

  • You have great organizational skills, you can keep an eye on multiple people and their projects

  • Good at leading and participating as part of a tight-knit team

  • General problem-solving - you never know what things will crop up over the year!

Knowledge and Interests 

  • Experience with organizational, large-scale sustainability management is a plus, not a requirement.

  • General passion for sustainability and some orientation towards a branch of sustainability grounded in academic theory e.g. intersectional sustainability, de-growth, circular economy


  • Administrative tasks: setting up new employees’ contracts, accounts, answering emails, editing proposals

  • Project-based tasks: overseeing several projects at the same, setting deadlines and making sure they are followed by the rest of the team, allocating budget to projects

  • Leadership: Keeping the core team and wider office of 50+ students motivated, engaged and following a clear sustainability vision

  • Meetings: meeting once a week with the whole of the Core Team, your co-manager, and occasionally with staff from the University. Think of people who are in charge of larger sustainability-related projects, such as waste management.


  • Around €370 monthly compensation

  • Use of the Singel and J/K building Green Office space for work and study

  • UvA Bestuurstaaf privileges (employee card, coffee, etc.)

About us

The UvA Green Office is a student-run platform striving to make the University of Amsterdam a greener place. Our office consists of four different teams. Each team, which consists of one team leader and 5-10 voluntary members, has its own focus and addresses a different aspect of sustainability within the University of Amsterdam. One general manager oversees the four teams and constitutes the link to the central UvA staff and partners. At the moment, the Green Office consists of 50 members.


Singel 425, 1012 WP Amsterdam, Netherlands

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