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Going green for the summer

A lot has happened over the course of these past months, events that usually take years to unfold have happened overnight and the world been turned upside down. 

This summer will, therefore, be very different from previous years. Although it may not be the same, living sustainably is now easier than ever. 

The Green Office communications team has decided on providing a few tips on how you can enjoy this summer while staying green at home!

1.    Give your old clothes and furniture a second chance! 

The weather is getting warmer, which means that many people go through their homes and end up giving away many of their clothes to charity or second hand. This is a good thing, however, now that you have so much time on your hands; why not give them a new look?

For example, try and change the buttons on your jacket or make shorts out of an old pair of jeans. Why not make a table out of beer crates? The options are endless and it only requires a few materials and some creativity. 

Here you can find some inspiration and examples on what you can do with all types of clothing. 

You can also redecorate your own home with rescued furniture. By browsing the streets of Amsterdam on certain trash-pickup days in each neighborhood, you can find some real gems that otherwise would have been thrown away.  

Lucy, and her dining table made out of palettes found on the street.

2. Cook a meal from scratch, and challenge your friends to a cook-off on FaceTime. 

Staying in touch with your friends online can be difficult, but one thing you can do is to plan activities with your group on Facetime. Why not try and learn something new together? And to top that off, make it into a challenge. The summer holiday is a great time to acquire new hobbies. Learn how to bake bread or make fresh, homemade pasta in your kitchen. This will not only spark your cooking interest, but it is also a great benefit when it comes to eliminating food waste and saving money. Bring your skills to the table and show your friends the results!  

Here is a recipe on how to make artisan bread. 

And here is a recipe on how to make your own (vegan) pasta. 

Or you could do like Sofia; make dinner for your family! 

3. Unplug and unwind. 

Staying home during the summertime can easily result in an overload of technology usage. It seems like we are always connected somehow, either on our smartphones or on other devices. Although many activities are now occurring online, it does not have to take up the whole day. Try and get some time for yourself to relax; read a book or listen to a podcast while going for a walk. There are plenty of activities that you can pick up on; the days spent at home will be far more enjoyable when you have something to wake up to. While committing to something outside of the digital world, try to unplug as well as unwind. By unplugging all the cables in your home of electronic devices that you are not using, you are not only helping the environment but also yourself! Unplugging is a great way to save electricity in your household, while it has also been proven to boost your mood and overall mental health. All in all, it is one of those great small tasks that can be very beneficial in the long run. 

Hanni is taking on the challenge of unplugging, are you? 

4.    Become a barista and make coffee at home, for a good cause. 

Think about it, how much money on average do you spend on coffee per week? For many of us, that sum is unfortunately way too high. As everyone is working from home nowadays, a cappuccino from coffeecorner has now been exchanged with a cup at home. Although this may be a bit disappointing at first, try and experiment with your coffee and learn some latte-art! Why not make an iced latte to cool down on a hot day? That way you will enjoy your daily dose of caffeine even more, while also making the sustainable effort to use a mug from home. Another great tip is to calculate your average spendings on coffee and see how much money you save. With that money, you can donate to those who are in need currently. For example, the Amsterdam food bank help by providing food for those who live below the poverty line. 

Julia enjoying her cup of coffee from her home-office. 

We hope that you all will enjoy this summer, make sure to share your green posts with us by using the hashtag #mygreenoffice

Stay safe and enjoy the weather!

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