Sea Going Green

December 19, 2017

For this week's blogpost, I met up with Aleksandra Dragozet who founded a start up after graduating from the UvA. We spoke about her experience with beginning a start up of her own.


When I asked, what is the nature of your start up, Dragozet told me that Sea Going Green promotes Sustainable Tourism through Sustainable Business. Their mission is to alleviate the negative impacts tourism can have on marine environments by offering consulting services to tourism companies to implement sustainable practices into their operations without hindering the customer service experience they provide.


"We believe that a destination ultimately loses its profitability and customers when it loses it’s beauty as 73% of Millennials and generation Z are more likely to pay for sustainability and expect companies to take action to improve environmental factors. Tourism can cause harm but it does not need to."


Aleksandra and colleagues are currently are looking for blog contributors for their recently launched blog platform on their website.  


"As industry pioneers we want our blog to stimulate and lead the conversation and become the hub for thought provoking blog posts in sustainable tourism and #marine conservation. We are also looking for team members who are passionate about growing a business and ocean conservation."


Interested? Email Sea Going Green at .


Make sure to check out their new website:, their first blog is also up at: .


Like & follow them on facebook ( & twitter (

#GoGreenForTheBigBlue #SGG #OceanOptimism 



*are you a local student run iniative and are looking to work with the Green Office Promotion team to promote your small buisness/start up - please send us a message via



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