Let's fight Food Waste with overnight Oats

March 4, 2019


Overnight oats minus food waste


If you are anything like me…you love peanut butter (or any nut butter for that matter) and hate it when the last remains of the jar are just impossible to salvage! I yet again have a recipe for your rescue and simultaneously combat food waste. If this isn’t a win-win situation I don’t know what is!? A not so fun fact is that the food system contributes to approximately 19-29 % of the greenhouse emissions worldwide (Vermeulen, Campbell & Ingram, 2012) so we can simply not accept then throwing that food away! Let’s combat food waste together in a delish way!



Nut butter jar 

½ cup oats (around 100 ml) 

½ tablespoon chia seeds 

100 ml almond milk (or milk of choice)

1 teaspoon vanilla**

raisins to taste 


Step 1. Take the (ALMOST) empty nut butter jar simply mix in oats and chia seeds, then add in the milk and stir to combine. 


Step 2. Add remaining ingredients and stir again. 


Step 3. Place in fridge and enjoy in the morning with a choice of fruits added on top! 



**Amsterdam Insighter tipp: you can buy spices in bulk at Albert Cyup! It is cheaper and less plastics are involved. 

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