The campus team is working on making the campus as sustainable as possible. Currently led by Campus Team Leader Feikje Visser, who regularly engages in conversation with the UvA Facility Services, and is responsible for increasing the sustainability of operations by reducing the use of resources (energy, water etc.), increase recycling of all types of waste and to reduce emissions.

Currently, the campus team is working on the following projects:

Waste separation

The GO is monitoring the progress of waste separation at the different locations. Waste separation is essential in order to increase the amount of recycled materials. The waste company contracted by the UvA tries to separate waste after collecting it, but this technique is not as effective as separating the waste streams at the source. The transition from not separating waste to separating several streams can be rough and difficult, which makes a proper campaign essential. Designing this campaign and raising awareness will be the main role of the GO in this project.

Pen recycling project

The Pen Recycling project is in collaboration with TerraCycle which is a company that recycles writing utensils. These collection points are emptied when filled, after which the collected utensils are sent to TerraCycle.



For more information write an e-mail to:

Feikje Visser, Campus Team Lead 

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