The community team is about building a conscious community at our university, committed to sustainability as a core value. Central are events to foster sustainable behaviour, and long-term projects to integrate sustainability in our education.


We welcome collaboration with students, researchers, academics and professional services across the UvA, and with external partners, including other higher education institutions, third sector organisations, industry and philantrophists. We aim to facilitate dialogue and thus build bridges between all actors. This underlies the conviction, that the more people push for a sustainable agenda, the more successful our project will be. And the trust, that together we can make a sustainable future.

The Community Team Leader Position is currently filled by Leonard Fruth, who enjoys engaging UvA students and staff members to participate in making the university a greener place, by promoting sustainable behaviour and spreading knowledge concerning sustainability.


For more information write as an e-mail to: 


Leonard Fruth, Community Team Lead 

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