The Knowledge Hub

The UvA Green Office Knowledge Hub is a brand-new interactive platform that brings together people from across the university (and beyond) who are interested in sustainability. It is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and help users connect with people with similar ambitions. Everyone from any discipline and any experience level is welcome to join!

On the platform you can find three main things - projects, opportunities and people! You can find projects to learn from and be inspired by, find new opportunities to make a real different to sustainability at the UvA, and network with other people who share your interests.

We have created the Knowledge Hub because sustainability is a huge and complex challenge, and requires people with different knowledge, expertise and life experience to work collaboratively in order to try and address the challenges we face. The Knowledge Hub is a tool to help do that. By joining you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience of interdisciplinary collaboration, and help contribute your skillset to work towards positive change

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