Robert Bullard

Dr. Robert Bullard is the father of environmental justice. For those who may not be familiar with the term, environmental justice describes the ways in which systemic racism and the uneven impacts of environmental catastrophes are intimately intertwined. In his foundational book ‘Dumping in Dixie’, Dr. Bullard showed that politics of place and uneven development have both racial and environmental underpinnings. From the danger of flood-prone housing to the appalling labour conditions of fast-fashion workers, it is evident that the burden of the climate crisis is unevenly felt.


The Intersectional Environmentalist

This instagram account is all about protesting people AND the planet, through their mantra "the future is intersectional". They have great graphics to brighten up your insta feed, full of crucial content for any aspiring equal-rights environmental activists. Find her on instagram at @intersectionalenviromentalist


Poppy Okotcha

Poppy Okotcha is a gardener and grower, documenting her journey with permaculture and regenerative farming techniques. 
She has almost 50,000 followers on instagram and shares content relating to gardening, regenerative growing, recipes, and life in the countryside.
Find her on instagram at @poppyokotcha