Want to be a part of the Green Office?

There are three ways in! Take a look at the options below to either submit an idea, fill one of our project vacancies, or join our core team as a portfolio manager. 




While we sometimes advertise specific role vacancies, we also want to hear your ideas for projects!
It's always great to work on something that you're passionate about - so if you have that passion for a green project and want to make it happen, we'd love to hear from you! The project could about changing something on campus at the UvA, a policy you want to campaign for, or a green student project that you want to launch.

Follow the steps below with either your own idea or one of ours! 

Step 1.  

Fall in love

with one of

our projects below


come up with your

own project idea.

Do you have

3-5 hours/week to commit to the project? Apply via the button below (including a short letter of motivation!)

Step 2.  

Step 3.  

A team leader for your chosen project or field will contact you within 5-7 working days.

Step 4.  

In a personal interview, we will assess whether or not it's a fit.

Step 5.  

Both sides on board? You can start right away!


Campus team

Currently we have no active project vacancies. If you'd still like to be a part of the Green Office, submit a fresh green idea above! 

Coming Soon

Keep an eye on this page for any new project vacancies that come up throughout the year.
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Remember, if none of our current advertisements take your fancy then you're always welcome to suggest your own project through the steps above! You can check out our social media for inspiration of some of our current projects.  

CORE TEAM IN 2021/2022

If you're interested in becoming an essential part of the UvA Green Office by taking on the position of the Operations Manager,  Communications team leader, Research & Education team leader, Campus team leader, or Community team leader then stay tuned until Spring/Summer 2021 for your chance to get involved. 

If you'd like to join the Green Office as a student member, or if you'd just like to kickstart a sustainability-related project that you think is missing at the UvA, please submit your fresh green idea above!