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UvA Green Office Podcast

That's right; this is OUR very own podcast! 
Our podcast aims to raise awareness about sustainability Once a month, we’ll get together to discuss new documentaries that captures threats to our climate, while also talking about opportunities to minimise the long-term consequences of unsustainable behaviour. We’ll share experiences, tips and recommendations for going zero waste.


Cosmo Sheldrake

Finding university deadlines and city life stressful? Cosmo Sheldrake’s incredibly beautiful multi-instrumental album Wake Up Calls documents endangered birdlife in the UK and is a great way to de-stress and re-appreciate the beauty all around us.


The Open City

The Open City podcast is a British podcast series looking at the future of London amidst dramatic societal change. Their board features architects, planners, journalists, artists and historians, who focus on developments within the built environment and what impacts these have, both socially and environmentally. Try the episode “Green Cities Start Here”! 


The Internet of Nature

The Internet of Nature Podcast explores how increasingly "smart" cities have embraced technology for mobility, lighting, and waste management but have left urban ecology behind in the digital revolution. Join Dr. Galle as she interview entrepreneurs & innovators on their technologies for building greener and smarter cities. Each episode contains powerful stories behind the innovator, delves into questions that are usually shied away from, and provides inspiration to grow your tech-driven nature-based enterprise.



Farmerama discusses the stories behind regenerative farming by spotlighting grassroots farmers making radical changes to the farming system. Covering topics such as holistic land management, spiritual ecology and the racial politics of farming, this podcast is a brilliant resource for anyone interested in learning more about the ecological impacts of our diets.



Rotterdam's BlueCityLab has launched a new podcast exploring the role of regenerative design in fighting the climate crisis. It provides a platform for bioneers (pioneers in biodesign) to explore the opportunities from a systemic approach to raw material flows, making smart use of the latest knowledge and expertise about circular design, biotechnology and biochemistry.

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