It's Time for Environmental Studies to Own Up to Erasing Black People

If you have 10 minutes, check out this short Vice article by Wanjiku Gatheru.  She writes of the ways that the field of environmental studies reproduces inequality, and what we can do better.   

Where the Leaves Fall 

Where the leaves fall is a beautiful magazine focused on exploring humankind's interaction with nature. Each issue is themed around questions such as entanglements, reciprocity, and dialogue, and features a wide range of artists and photographers alongside the texts.

Teigiserova et. al: Towards Transparent Valorization of Food Surplus, Waste and Loss (2019)

Do you have an hour or so to read about some revolutionary attitudes to food waste? In this article titled “Towards transparent valorization of food surplus, waste and loss: Clarifying definitions, food waste hierarchy, and role in the circular economy”, authors Teigiserova, Hamlin and Thomsen explore in depth the best ways to deal with food waste following circular economy principles. This is where “valorisation” of food waste comes in - the circular economy dictates that we must create value out of food waste so it is actually no longer “waste” at all. The authors create a pyramid model following EU law which means that this exciting initiative is applicable to all EU countries.

Marcuse: Sustainability is Not Enough (1998)

If you have an hour or two for a scholarly article, read this 1998 piece from Peter Marcuse (only child of Herbert Marcuse). In this article he addresses the missing link between social justice and sustainability, and how the two terms are not synonymous. Does "sustaining" our current world mean preserving an unjust status quo?  


Taking its name from Donald Trump’s classic climate denial rhetoric, It’s Freezing in LA is a creative magazine which publishes both scientific and creative essays about the climate crisis.

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Tsing: The Mushroom at the End of the World (2015)

Full title: "The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins"... Have we got your attention yet? Following the rare matsutake mushroom, Anthropologist Anna Tsing examines precarious post-industrial landscapes around the world. In doing so, she weaves together an optimistic tale, outlining the possibilities of post-capitalist regeneration.

Giampietro: On the Circular Bioeconomy and Decoupling (2019)

If you have an hour to sink into a scientific journal article and are keen to tackle some complex but innovative concepts, then take a look at this article  "On the Circular Bioeconomy and Decoupling: implications for sustainable growth”. Author Giampietro argues how the circular bioeconomy is unable to decouple growth from the resource use based on the argument of thermodynamics. 

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