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Amsterdam: The Climate March

On Sunday, March 10th, De Dam Square, Amsterdam was a witness of a collective movement. A pinnacle of people coming together for the safe-keeping and the future of our planet. It all came together as a result of Groenlink’s powered ‘Klimaatmars’ - or, in English, the Green Dutch Party’s ‘Climate March’.

As a first hand witness of people rounding up and meeting in the square, I felt the social responsibility. I felt the unity and the support to one another to fight the - quite horrible, if I might say - weather, and the human injustice against Earth. People provided shelter under their umbrellas to complete strangers! An accomplishment of human interaction, all solely based on the same principle - let’s create awareness for the climate change.

Nonetheless, as empowering as this movement was, let us not forget what the purpose of a march is. As a result of socio-political activism, marches’ purpose is to create an imposition in by which others not involved will stop, look again and think. By targeting De Dam Square, the ‘Klimaatmars’ succeeded in blocking one of the most touristic destinations in the city - especially, on a sunday.

It was not until I got there that I realised that if getting into town is difficult imagine what it would be like to try and mingle and actually get to know the people that are creating this movement. It was a range of young activists that are trying to really create a better work for the tomorrow - ‘There is no Planet B’ banners were everywhere -, and a refreshing older generation, whom I would like to praise for their attendance. This latter group not only showed interest and actual remorse for their generation’s impact on today’s world, but they strove to create a rapport with the youngsters by sharing banners, cardboard signs and advice. These mere commodities may seem nothing for the common eye, but they actually symbolise an act of repentance - an apology, you might say and an act of socialising aid for towards the youngsters.

Amongst all this wonderful consensus for the bitterness of tomorrow’s Earth, it was hard not to miss that it was very much politically driven. As mentioned, this march was powered by the Groenlink’s, but one would assume that it would not take such a presence amongst all the other civilians. It was not the case, many other parties and political associations took the chance to advertise their parties and their active involvement towards the cause. I wonder, where is the line? Surely, yes, it would be amazing if we had selfless acts of good activism, without it having to have a political affiliation as a form of propaganda. Although, it would be just as nice to see people ‘stripping down’ from their political ideologies and, as barely humans, come together for a great cause.

Still whether humans form political, radical, youngster/elder groups, it was beautiful to encounter them all promoting such a good cause. It really showcased the progress that our society is undergoing - it is refreshing to see this. It is good to see that people can cheer and be joyful for society’s evolution! Even if that means that we have to endure the atrocious, Dutch weather that we always complain about, but we welcome, because otherwise it means that Earth is dying.

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