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Knowledge Hub Launch! Connect, Collaborate, Create

After months of amazing work by the Research and Education team, the Green Office is so excited to be announcing the upcoming launch of an exciting new project: the Knowledge Hub. The Hub is an interactive, online platform for connecting and collaborating with others to create sustainability research and projects at the UvA. What started out as an aspiration for a more interdisciplinary and collective approach to sustainability is now becoming a reality!

This platform is going to empower users with the people, resources and opportunities to transform sustainability research and projects. Here are the key features the Knowledge Hub has to offer:


Open to all, the Knowledge Hub will allow like-minded students and staff to engage with each other on the challenges and opportunities we face when researching, understanding and improving sustainability. You’ll be able to build a network of contacts from different fields with different ideas and approaches, all with the same focus on environmental issues. It can be hard to reach others or even be aware of their work so this is a huge step in the right direction.


When it comes to sustainability research and developing ideas, collaboration is vital. The Knowledge Hub will facilitate discussions, debates and teamwork on all the projects on the platform and help turn people’s thoughts and innovations into actuality. With an ever growing pool of resources, the platform really will be a hub of knowledge, insights and work to get inspired by.


The Knowledge Hub is all about creation. It’s a platform devoted to harnessing the collective potential of all it’s users. The opportunity to share projects, post and find jobs and internship opportunities as well as participate in research, will all be made available thanks to this new platform. Think of it as a bustling hub of opportunities, insights and people that you can be involved in.

We are sure, here at the Green Office, the Knowledge Hub is going to be a hugely valuable resource and know all the hard work that has been put into it so far will pay off.

To sign up to be notified of the launch, and learn more about the Knowledge Hub, visit this site! We look forward to seeing you there.

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