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Sustainable Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

It’s December and the festive season is officially upon us! This means gift shopping is also upon us, during which we should not abandon our values of sustainable living. It is easy to get caught up in buying people things that they do need and using resources like wrapping paper that end up straight in the trash after a moment’s happiness. Now, I’m not saying that our loved ones should go giftless this year, after-all they are on the nice-list, but as Santa’s little helpers lets gift consciously.

Without further ado, our sustainable gift giving guide.

1. Membership/gift cards

There are many different options for memberships/gift cards based on the interests of the receiver. Art lover, movie goer, chill’n like a villain, staycation, we got you covered!

2. Sustainable cosmetics

Cosmetics are always a rather useful and simultaneously luxurious gift, and sustainable options feel even more thought out and special. How cool is a makeup bag made out of recycled saris, or never having to buy another single use makeup remover pad again?

3. Home deco

Make their house a home with a zen candle, upcycled wine bottles made into drinking glasses or a conscious coffee-table book. Or how about a pillow that is making the world a better place?

4. House plant

What about a plant baby for your super responsible friend? Well, there really is something for everyone, some plant babies are more needy than others.

5. Donate in their name

Find an organization close to their heart and make a donation. It might just bring you closer to theirs <3! Here are a few examples.

Lastly let's talk about gift wrapping! We are all trying to avoid single use resources, so why stop the good efforts during the holidays?

1. Have any old paper bags laying around? You can cut out squares and repurpose them into gift paper!

2. Old newspaper. Yes, I know many of us are reading our news online but, if you do happen to have any type of newspaper or old magazines laying around, this makes for a perfect up-cycling of something rather single use.

3. Tea towels. Make it a part of your present, there are beautiful tea towels that make for easy wrapping and a very useful gift after words.

Hopefully you found this gift guide helpful in your quest to a green Christmas. Most of all enjoy this time with your loved ones, Happy Holidays from the Green Office team!

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