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Our Top 10 Picks for Sustainable Fashion Instagram Accounts

by Marilia Zachariadi

During this quarantine, a lot of time is spent on our social media accounts. Either talking with friends or looking at what other people are doing around the world. Well, for the ‘green lovers’ here is a personal list of some Instagram accounts that are all about sustainable fashion and if you want to learn more about fashion issues around the world:

She is a photographer but also an influencer. In her posts she is promoting different sustainable brands as well as writing about sustainable fashion in magazines such as teen vogue and the guardian. If you are interested to get to learn more about her personal favorite brands and thoughts regarding sustainable fashion check her Instagram account!

ECOlifestyle pioneer, wrote a book called @ecorennow, the founder of ECOfashion and calling herself an ECOentrepreneur, what else can you ask for? She has more than 40K followers and the content varies from funny, entertaining content to making awareness of fashion issues. She provides Live classes, organizes workshops, and gives advice on how to embrace a more sustainable life.

She is the CEO of @redcarpetgreendress (Sustainable Fashion at Oscars), the creator of #IAmEnough and Empowerment Journal. She is active in providing different content every day, fulfilling different sustainable aspects from being a mum to empower girls to engage with sustainability. She tries to increase motivation and create a sustainable community. Definitely check out her activities.

This is a very educative account, explaining all the issues in relation to fashion with everyday questions posts. For instance- what is the fashion revolution week, what is an ecological footprint? Are you ready to test your knowledge? Follow this account for marvelous educative posts making learning about important topics so easy to understand.

This is a community where the aim is to engage the global fashion industry to commit to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The posts are mainly about raising awareness, introducing new initiatives, and announcing their partnerships.

This very interesting account is a one-stop-shop that sells only sustainable products at a good price. It has more than 150+ brands in their store, they introduce challenges, have their own blog, and inform their followers about what is happening in the fashion world.

Do you want to know how workers make your clothes? Each post is a story about how clothes are made and what type of conditions some workers face. It really makes you think about what kind of brands do you support by buying their clothes. An eye-opening account and read some experiments of workers around the world.

This account is a non-profit organization that discusses issues, creates campaigns, gives information in relation to the fashion industry, and what needs to be done in the future. Their aim is to call out ‘greater transparency in the fashion industry’.

This is a skincare brand account on Instagram that promotes skincare products with natural ingredients. Maybe during quarantine, you feel inspired to take care of your skin so it is worth it to check out this line of skincare products!

This account is for the powerful and stylish girls! Different facts, initiatives, clothes brands presented to our beautiful sustainable girls. This account is very active and pushes its followers to be up to date with fashion-related issues and be part of different campaigns. Worth looking at it and know what is happening around the world with sustainable fashion.

I hope you enjoyed this list and you got to explore more sources of information in relation to sustainable fashion. Instagram is one of the most popular apps nowadays so let’s use it as a way to learn more about the world, about us, about the environment!

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