Join the the research and education team in 2021-2022! 

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Individual Research Leads

Are you leading an initiative to create more sustainable spaces on campus? Creating a sustainability learning programme at UvA? Or conducting sustainability related research that could benefit from partnership with the UvA Green Office? Every year the Research and Education team oversees a number of individual research projects/initiatives at UvA. Interested applicants will be responsible for leading their own work, but can be supported by our partnership in terms of guidance, structural queries, and the possibility for publication in our research community. Applicants will be expected to provide a motivation letter outlining their proposed research project as part of the selection process.

Inventory of Sustainability-Related Courses

Sustainability-related education is at the heart of the Research and Education team! Every year, the UvA Green Office publishes a review of sustainability-related courses at the university. This inventory list includes courses offered at the UvA, alongside details of their credits, block, the language of instruction, and professor. We are seeking volunteers to help us update our existing list and adapt it into newer, more accessible formats. If you are passionate about sustainability in education and up for the challenge of recreating a more accessible list, then we are looking for you to join us!