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Join the the research and education team in 2022-2023! 

Rolling deadline 

Individual Research Leads

Are you interested in conducting a sustainability related research that could benefit from partnership with the UvA Green Office? Are you leading an initiative to create more sustainable spaces on campus or creating a sustainability learning programme at UvA?   

Every year the Research and Education team oversees a number of individual research projects/initiatives at UvA. Interested applicants will be responsible for leading their own work, but can be supported by our partnership in terms of guidance, structural queries, and the possibility for publication in our research community. Write a short introduction about yourself and add a motivation letter outlining your proposed research project in the application!

Green Office research team  

Are you interested in sustainability-related research?  

At Green Office we are excited to do research about the changes our teams has made during the previous years to find out how effective the changes are! Apply with a short introduction about yourself and be part of making sustainable changes at out university even better!  

Content Creator   

Do you enjoy trying sustainable related tips and tricks? Heard a nice trick to dry a flower bouquet? Test it and share your opinion on it! Try the 30 day vegan challenge? Let others know how it went! New sustainable, local store opened next to you? Go check it out and write about it! 

Research and education team is looking for enthusiastic sustainability lovers to test and document their experiences and publish them on our Knowledge hub. This role gives for you an opportunity to explore and be creative! Send us a short introduction about yourself and let us know if you already have ideas what to test out!  



Do you follow the news closely and are a wizard with words? Then this role might be for you!  

Research and education team is looking for volunteers who get excited about writing and researching! We need someone who loves researching sustainability related news and write about green office updates/events. If this is something you would like, apply with a short introduction of yourself and sent it to us!   


Green Guide  

Fascinated about the work market? Have an opinion the sustainable related courses at Uva? Enjoy interviewing and researching? Then check this out! 

Research and education team is looking for exciting volunteers to work closely with the Uva career centre and searching for sustainability related internships and jobs. The volunteers have an opportunity to research sustainable companies and interview them about their sustainability or/and about the sustainable related job offerings they have! We are also seeking volunteers to help us update our sustainability related courses list and adapt it into newer, more accessible formats. If you are passionate about sustainability in education and in the work market, then we are looking for you to join us! Apply now with a short introduction of yourself!  

We intend to fill all our vacancies by the end of October however applications are only open until all positions are filled.

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