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Earthling Ed brings his veg-ucation to UvA

With over 200,000 Instagram followers and millions of views on YouTube, it’s no surprise that the ticket queue for our latest Green Office event with vegan influencer “Earthling Ed” was out the door.

We were so excited to make our Green Office announcement that Earthling Ed would be doing a talk on sustainable eating at CREA on the 5th of November. As the co-founder of animal rights organization Surge, producer of the 2017 Documentary “Land of Hope and Glory”, and the owner of the Unity Diner non-profit vegan restaurant in London, Ed is certainly an important name in the animal activism movement. Unsurprisingly, he inspires thousands of students and young people to eat vegan and he has a significant fan base at the University of Amsterdam,

However, the speaking tour that Ed brought to UvA this week was a little different to his usual ethical subject matter. In response to the growing urgency of environmental awareness and action, Ed brought a presentation that focused on the environmental significance of our diets.

And his conclusion?

A plant-based diet is the best thing we can do now, as individuals, to reduce land and water usage.

The talk featured a number of powerful facts and statistics from Ed, who presented to a group of over 100 students. By the end of the 40-minute presentation, the Q&A segment was open to UvA students who posed insightful questions regarding things like environmental impact of honey, and why government subsidies so heavily support animal agriculture.

Overall, the talk was enjoyed by all, with many students taking pictures, videos, and scribbling notes throughout the presentation. It was great to see so many UvA students interested in making sustainable dietary choices, who are now armed with the necessary information to educate their surrounding friends and classmates on the importance of eating vegan.

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