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Sustainable Citizens of Amsterdam: Little Plant Pantry

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

We are very excited to announce that our new project called ‘Sustainable Citizens of Amsterdam’ has officially begun! In this series, we will introduce fellow Amsterdammers such as individuals, businesses, and organizations that value sustainability, conscious consumption and a greener lifestyle and explore how they have contributed to the conservation of the environment. As our first interviewee, we would like to introduce Stefanie Behrendt from ‘Little Plant Pantry’ which is a vegan, organic and plastic-free bulk store located in Bosom Toussaintstraat 45-H, 1054AN Amsterdam. Originally established as an experiment to reduce waste, its founders Maria and Winter soon transformed their idea into a business concept that places zero waste at the center of conscious food consumption. As such, Little Plant Pantry has adopted compostable packaging as alternatives to the traditional plastic packaging. It offers a variety of products from cereals, berries and nuts to grains, seeds or herbs. Stefanie herself has worked at Little Plant Pantry for more than two years as a volunteer and Search Engine Optimization Specialist. More recently, she was able to combine her work at Little Plant Pantry with her role as the co-founder of a zero-waste consultancy, called #wegozero, in which she provides advice on how to make zero waste more accessible, cheaper and easier for everyone. In our interview with her, she answers questions about Little Plant Pantry’s zero waste concept, her personal motivation to live a more sustainable life and possible tips and tricks for students on how to adopt environmentally-friendly habits.

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