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Sustainable Courses of the Second Semester

The time has come again to register for some fresh new courses! As the Green Office, we have compiled a handy list of sustainability-related courses that you can register for at the University of Amsterdam. Important: You can register for courses from the 4th of December to the 11th of December.

You can download the PDF here:
Semester 2 Sustainability-Related Courses List
Download PDF • 827KB

And here are some of our favorites, hand-picked just for you :)

1. Food Forestry: Experiencing the Future of Nature and Agriculture
A 6 EC course taught in the 2nd block of the second semester.
"Food systems are in crisis globally. Modern, industrialized agriculture - accelerating after WII - has been successful in delivering higher outputs, but simultaneously has resulted in a system that is exhausting soil fertility and is highly dependent on finite resources. Food forestry is argued to be a radical alternative."

2. Honoursmodule: Deep Ecology: Surfing the Waves
A 6 EC course taught in the 2nd and 3rd blocks of the second semester.
"Do we always need an overview, or can we learn to surf the waves from within? This course contemplates how (and if) we can (at least try to) grow healthy, biodiverse, and inclusive urban ecosystems, in an increasingly complex world."

3. Climate Change Law
A 6 EC course taught int he 1st block of the second semester.
"Climate change is a compelling phenomenon in several aspects. It calls for rapid, transformational efforts in society and economy over a relatively short time frame. The scientific evidence collected and refined over decades clearly point to the necessity to set up legal and governance frameworks that are capable of efficiently curbing greenhouse gases emissions concentrations by mid-century while ensuring the protection against foreseeable and unfolding climate change impacts."

The information we have provided you with can be found in greater detail in the UvA Course Catalogue. Make sure to check it out and good luck with your new courses next semester!

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