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The Green Office

is a student-run platform striving

to make the University of Amsterdam a greener place. 

Our teams


Research & Education

The R&E team works on interdisciplinary collaboration, educational material, and sustainability-related research projects. They are currently working on building a sustainable research community to connect both UvA and non-UvA staff and students.


Our Communications team loves to connect. We focus on internal (within teams) and external (to the public) communication to pass on the good word of the Green Office! This year we have expanded our platform reach to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Spotify.


Establishing a supporting community is crucial for our Green Office. To build bridges and foster a culture of shared problem-solving is the aim our Community team. This can be in the form of team-building, community outreach, educational material and more. 



Decisions have to be made from the soap we use to the waste separation system that is implemented. The campus team makes sure  that we choose sustainability. Current projects include the waste disposal systems, the cafeteria food and drink, and e-waste management.

Latest Links

Here because you saw something cool on social media? We connect everything from our instagram to one page so you can find everything easily in one place. Click here for our #linkinbio 


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